Episode 74: Vladimir Putin: Pure Russian Evil

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On this episode, we explore the history and conspiracies surrounding Vladimir Putin and his rise to power as Russian President.

Putin started as a KGB operative in East Germany, and after the fall of the Soviet Union, he worked his way to become a small-time local politician in St. Petersburg in the late 1990s. Unlike Ron Swanson, however, he immediately used his position to make inroads with the Tambovskaya Mafia and took control of all property deals between foreign corporations and the local government. From there, he proved Vladimir Putin’s loyalty to the Major of the city, and this loyalty got the attention of then Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

What happened then is pretty crazy and thought of as the first major false flag event of the modern world. Three cities in Russia were bombed in September of 1999, and Putin’s handling of the situation put him in the national spotlight as a hero. A fourth bomb was found unexploded, and it sent Russia to war with Chechnya, helped make Putin President, and was said to be planted by Russian special forces. Several investigators claimed the bombings were planned by Putin to put him in power. Most of those investigators were assassinated, shot, arrested, or poisoned with radioactive tea! Listen in to hear about Putin’s murderous reign, the trail of bodies and political exiles, the details of the bombing conspiracy, and the epic level of corruption that lead experts to call Russian government a Kleptocracy—a rule by thieves.

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