Episode 179: Travis Walton–The Ultimate Alien Abduction Story

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On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we talk about the most well-documented alien abduction case in history—the case of Travis Walton. Made into a major motion picture in 1993 (Fire in the Sky), the story allegedly happened on November 5, 1975 in the Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. According to the story, Walton was working on a logging crew of six men on that day, and at 6:00, they closed up shop, packed away their chain saws, and got in the truck to head back into town. Along the road, all the entire crew saw a light in the woods, and they drove closer to check it out since one of them thought it might be a downed aircraft.

What they found instead, was a golden disk about fifteen feet in diameter floating silently above the trees. Everyone stayed in the truck except for Walton, who approached. Once nearby, everyone describes a blue bolt of light emanating from the disc and striking Walton, sending him flying through the air. Everyone in the truck drove off in terror, leaving Walton alone on the ground. After they got their wits about them, they returned to the scene to find no UFO and now Walton.

What ensued became a five day search for Walton’s body. With a 50 person search party including dogs and a helicopter, no trace was found of him. And with cold winter coming on, the temperature was dropping to near zero at night, putting Walton at increased risk. Eventually, the police became suspicious that a murder may have occurred and put the six witnesses to a polygraph test to check their bizarre story of the UFO against the truth.

How many of them passed the test? (You might be surprised…). What did Travis Walton say happened to him on board the UFO during the five days in which he was missing? What happened in 2004 to put Walton’s own polygraph history to the test? What kinds of aliens were they, and did they probe him? Listen, laugh, learn.

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