Episode 33: Time Travel

This episode is brought to you by El Yucateco

In honor of the date Marty McFly travels to in Back to the Future II (October 21, 2015), this episdoe of the Sofa King Podcast focuses on time travel. Is it possible? What are the effects of altering the past, if you even can? These are good questions that we set to answer. We begin with a look at time dilation and Einstein’s theories of general relativity and then move on some of the key ways time travel are portrayed in the movies. We then look at major internet “time travelers,” including various videos and photos that circulate as well as Andrew Basagio and John Titor. We wrap up by discussing “time slips,” events where people supposedly fall through time as well as the group Time Travel Fund which lets you live forever in a most interesting way. Listen to this week’s episdoe to find out how (I know, that’s cheap click bait…).

Key subjects we talk about this week are time travel, time travel movies, Andrew Basagio, John Titor, time slips, Time Trave Fund, Albert Enstein, time dilation, time paradoxes, Nokivov Self-Consistencey Principle and Everett-Wheeler multiple universes.

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