Episode 61: The Lottery

This episode is brought to you by El Yucateco

A listener suggested we discuss the Lotto system, and that is our focus on this episode of The Sofa King Podcast. Most people assume that the Lotto generates money for K-12 school budgets, and everyone has heard about the Lotto Curse, so we explore them both in this episode.

Billions of dollars are generated nationally by different Lotto systems. California’s alone has $5.5 billion in annual revenue, more than people spent at movies, on cable, or on video games. But how does the state actually spend the money raised? Why is it so appealing, and what—if any—goes to the state? Also, what are some tips from experts if you do plan to sink a few bucks in the Powerball? How do the stats work, and when and how much should you buy? We cover plenty of examples of people who win the Lotto only to ruin their lives, and Brent surprises us with a quick session of Florida themed News or B*ll Sh*t. Listen, laugh, and learn about the Lotto.

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