Episode 55: The Federal Reserve

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On this episode of The Sofa King Podcast, we discuss the mother of all conspiracy theories. And why is it the mother you may ask? Because it’s true. In 1910, a cabal of wealthy bankers headed by JP Morgan took a train ride to Jekyll Island to go duck hunting and in between dead birds laid out the ground plans for a national banking system which is now known as the Federal Reserve System, or simply The Fed.

The stated purpose of The Fed is to stabilize the US economy through controlling lending practices and how much currency is in circulation, but the people running The Fed have been manipulating the American economy and causing crashes and banks to fail since its inception over a hundred years ago. The system is a private one, not part of the US government, yet it controls the flow of currency and is the agency that even the US government turns to take loans and bail out banks and other systems. President Wilson, who signed it in to law, a few years later claimed that by doing so, “I have unwitting ruined my country.” What did Morgan and his pet senator Nelson Aldrich have in mind? How does this tie to one theory of who killed JFK? Where does the sinking of the Titanic come to play? Listen and find out. Special thanks to our guest and economics guru, Jordan Shwora.

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