Episode 95: Thanks, Obama!

This episode is brought to you by El Yucateco

On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we explore as many conspiracy theories about president Barak Obama as we can get our hands on. This is no regular political discussion (in fact, we leave politics at the door). It is tinfoil hat to the extreme as we cover a cool dozen theories surrounding the Commander-In-Chief, from the mundane to the ludicrous.

What are some of the theories?

Well, we obviously look at several that claim he is a Muslim and that he works for Muslim terror groups and wants to bring 100 million Muslims to the US in order to overthrow the Christian order. We discuss conspiracies that he is taking away our guns and ones that say he is trying to get us to buy more guns. We talk about Michelle being a man or a transsexual and the theories that Obama is homosexual and had gay cocaine sex in a limo before he was president. Did former leftwing terrorist Bill Ayers ghostwrite Obama’s book? Was Obama the son of black activist Frank Marshal Davis or Malcolm X? Did he cause Hurricane Sandy in order to get reelected into office? These are all good questions (and by good, I mean really bad questions, but ones people are genuinely talking about!).

Some of the other hits of the show include a discussion of the one conspiracy theory Obama considers his personal favorite (hint…we did a show on it), and a discussion of our two all-time favorites. One—Obama traveled to Mars in 1980 using a DARPA teleportation device under the command of Major Ed Dames. Two—Obama and his family are clones of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and Queens (and Beyoncé is a clone of Nefertiti). Am I making this up? Of course not; like I said, you need a tin foil hat for this one. Oh, and of course he’s a lizard person, too. Thanks, Obama.

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