Episode 84: Sumerians: The Ancient Alien Theory

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On this episode, the Sofa Kings look at the ancient Sumerian civilization.

Why, you might ask? Well, ancient aliens of course! In the crowd of people who look at ancient mythology to find evidence of extraterrestrial involvement in early man’s development, the Sumerian people hold a special place. Their gods allegedly sent a race of beings called the Anunnaki to Earth from the hidden planet Nibiru, which they claim orbits the sun and passes by our planet every 3600 years (and possible collided with the Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago). Sound crazy? Well, yes, frankly, it does.

But, there are enough conspiracy theories about this that we wanted to take a stab at it. Several odd things creep up in the research and discussion, namely the extremely advanced technology, art, governance, civilization, agriculture, trade routes, economy, and writing of the Sumerian people. They used cuneiform to etch some of the first recorded human words on clay tablets, thousands of which exist (including The Epic of Gilgamesh), but most of which have never been translated. We look at this amazing civilization, their mythology which most scholars say the Bible richly steals from (all the way down to a Garden of Eden and a great flood), and how David Icke thinks this is the start of the reptoid hybrid interbreeding with the human race! You don’t want to miss it.

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