Episode 216: Stonehenge: World Wonder or Hoax?

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On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we discuss a topic that many fans have requested for quite some time—Stonehenge! This ancient structure is one of the largest mysteries of the ancient world. Nobody knows how it was built, and nobody knows what purpose it served, but Stonehenge is the center of paganism and a symbol of ancient ingenuity.

It was believed to have been constructed over the course of about a thousand years, from roughly 3000 BCE to 2100 BCE. It evolved several times, from a simple ring of ditches to some small stones to the massive 30 ton monoliths. Most archaeologists claim that the architects of the time didn’t even have wheels or pulleys or hard metals, so the building, mining, and moving of the blocks is really hard to figure out. We talk about some theories as to how Stonehenge was built and weigh in on which was most likely.

Also, we talk about the purpose of the ancient place. Some people think it was primarily a burial site, based on mass cremations around the area. Others think it was a site that was meant to heal the sick thanks to the mysterious blue volcanic stones that make up the center of the monument. Others think it is an ancient map that points to the home of a friendly alien world, and we have simply yet to decode it. However, we have to get our conspiracy theory on! Many people claim the British government completely rebuilt it in the 1950s, and Brent might even go on a rant about a lost civilizations of giants…

So, did humans build this thing or aliens? Was it meant to be a part of an Arthurian legend that helped early Britons unite through its construction? What do modern-day pagans and druids do in order to worship at Stonehenge? Why is the modern day druid who renamed himself King Arthur Pendragon suing England over parking fees? What is Manhattan Henge, and how did Neal DeGrasse Tyson help create it? Listen, laugh, learn.


Flint Michigan Stonehenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K7q20VzwVs


Stonehenge Druids: http://www.wsj.com/video/who-are-the-stonehenge-druids/D0D6EE11-BED7-4E44-873C-31F7235D50B7.html

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