Episode 56: Renewable Energy

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On this episode of The Sofa King Podcast, we explore solar power and other alternative energy sources. Since Americans spend 8% of their income each year on power, and since greenhouse gasses are killing the planet, many listeners wanted us to cover this topic. While solar energy is truly beneficial, we explore the growth of Elon Musk’s Solar City company and his Powerwall home battery technology and how they are likely to help change the world.

However, we also explore some of the negatives of solar, such as Bright Source Energy’s killer Ivanpah Solar Field on the California/Nevada border that kills upwards of 28,000 birds a year and several times more natural gas than a natural gas plant.

We also look at the carbon footprint of launching solar versus the ultimate gains to determine if it is worth it in the long run as well as the problem of toxic batteries. We end with a look at other forms of energy as well, from Brazil’s complete energy independence as a nation (and their world-leading Ethanol system) to a car that runs on gas, created by the 5 Hour Energy Drink guy. If you want to go green, reduce your carbon footprint, and save the world, this week’s podcast is a good place to start!

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