Episode 206: Skull and Bones: Illuminati Junior?

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This episode of the Sofa King Podcast takes a look at one supposed branch of the Illuminati, the infamous secret society of the Skull and Bones. Founded at Yale in 1832 after a dispute among Yale debating societies, it was the first of a whopping 41 “Senior Societies” now at the university. Every year, this society initiates 15 new members. They are recruited as juniors and are full members their senior year (though major votes involving policy are said to include all living members by secret ballot).

Originally, the Skull and Bones was open only to white protestant males. Eventually, it opened up to Catholics, Jews, and then minority races, mostly because the other Senior Societies were doing that, and some of the best candidates were being take. After a crazy legal dispute and a vote by all Bonesmen, women were allowed in the society in 1992 (women weren’t even allowed in Yale until 1969…).

So what makes them part of the Illuminati? Power. At least three U.S. presidents were Bonesmen. There is an endless array of Senators and government officials who are selected from among their ranks as well. Business leaders, CEOs of companies, artists, writers, policy makers, and social pioneers are all included in this list. One thing the group is famous for is its secrecy. Unlike other fraternities, nobody really knows what goes on in the Tomb at 64 High Street. From the initiations to the policies and content of the meetings, nobody has talked. Ever.

Are the Skull and Bones really part of a larger network of secret societies and occult groups originating in Germany? What is the meaning of the number 322 on their logo? What is the story with the skull of Geronimo, and did Prescott Bush defile his grave during World War One? How many women are in the group now? Who are the key members of the order? Listen, laugh, learn.

Article about the skull of Geronimo: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=101626709

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