Episode 40: Simulations and Alternate Universes

After recent discussions on the show about the “Berenstain” Bears and alternate realities, we decided to base this episode around a discussion of the nature of reality. More specifically, we explore the hypothesis that the universe is an advanced simulation run by a superintelligence and the arguments for alternate quantum universes and multiverses. This one gets pretty trippy!

We start our talk with a look at the Simulation Argument by Nick Bostrom, which is grounded in advanced quantum theories going all the way down to Schrodinger’s Cat and the double-slit experiment. We also talk about the three types of multiverses that are theorized: Type 1 (infinite space statistics), Type 2 (post inflation bubbles), and Type 3 (quantum many worlds).

The bottom line is, what does it matter to us as human beings if we live in a simulation? How does it affect our lives if there are multiple versions of us out in the quantum cosmos? Also, can these theories and quantum science make a room full of agnostics and atheists believe in a higher power? You might just be surprised by where our conversation goes this week.

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