Episode 125: The Rothschilds: The True Illuminati?

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On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we look at the long lineage and massive wealth and power of the Rothschild family. Many conspiracy theorists claim that this global family is the basis for theories about the Illuminati and that it controls global finance and has for hundreds of years. We tend to agree with them.

Starting in the 1760s, this family (also called the Red Shield) started as the offspring of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a Court Jew in the city of Frankfurt. Court Jews were allowed to lend money in ways Christians weren’t, and Mayer Rothschild was quite brilliant at it.

In fact, by sending his five sons to move to the five capitals of European countries, he was able to spread a banking and financial empire that goes unrivaled in its wealth and power even to this day.

So what makes the Rothschild’s so powerful? We look at history to find examples. From the funding of the Suez Canal and most global railroads to paying for both sides of the Napoleonic Wars (and other conflicts), this group has influenced global politics for centuries. They helped free Brazil from the Portuguese just to settle a debt, and they created the country of Rhodesia just to expand their mining operations.

They set the price of gold for almost a century, control all diamond trade in the world (and own the DeBeers family), and are said to be behind the US Federal Reserve Bank as well as similar banks in almost all other countries. However, they are secretive, and their wealth remains masked behind century-old shell corporations and money schemes. We even touch on some conspiracy theories ranging from the Rothschilds sinking the Titanic to cross dimensional lizard people involved in MK Ultra and Project Ibis! Tune in to this one to find out why your hosts no longer believe in an Illuminati but do believe in the Rothschilds.

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