Episode 14: Rhythm Ambassadors – with Ray Vargas

Rhythm Ambassadors - Ray Vargas This episode is brought to you by El Yucateco

Rhythm Ambassadors Ray Vargas joins us

Music and musicians. We visit with the talented Ray Vargas from the band Rhythm Ambassadors. Our topics include how and when to start learning music, “reality” music TV shows, the pros and cons of reading sheet music versus playing by ear, and even the video game Rock Band. So go out and get a Guinness World Record for dancing to a game, then set down with your gold dildo and listen to the Sofa King Podcast. Adult content. NSFW.

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Rhythm Ambassadors – “Freedom Sounds” from Robert Bejil Productions on Vimeo.

Live @ Texas 28. Bakersfield, CA


Shot and edited by:
Robert Bejil

2nd Camera by:
German Cervera

photo credits: Robert Bejil

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