Episode 208: Raëlism: The Best Sex and UFO Cult Ever?

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On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we talk about the UFO super-cult known as Raëlism. This religion was founded by Claude Verilhon, a Frenchman who started his life as a street musician turned French teen pop singer. He released several songs that were on the charts but not near the top. His dreams of being a pop star died when his financial backer committed suicide. A few years later, he became a sports-racing journalist, founding the magazine Autopop. He got married, and everything seemed good in his life.

But then, he was visited on December 13, 1973 by the Elohim. The Elohim, or what he calls the “beings from the sky” were thought to be angels in past religions, but according to him, they were actually ancient aliens. They picked Verilhon as their final prophet, and he changed his name to Raël. A few years later, they took him to their home world, where he met people like Jesus and Buddha who gave him messages to bring back to earth.

Now, he is devoted to opening an Elohim Embassy to welcome these benevolent aliens to Earth and prove we are ready for them. Oh, and he’s also devoted to have a lot of sex with his cult members, singing songs, wearing strange outfits, and getting humans to clone themselves. The company called Clonaid, a Raëlian group, claimed to have cloned the first human being in 2002. They named her Eve.

So, this one gets strange, even as cults go. What does Raëlism believe about the human soul? When can Raëlists get baptized and promoted in the religion? Is Raël a sexual predator? What do his ex-wives say about him and his massive orgies? How many people are in this cult? How do they tie their own story to the main elements found in the Bible? Listen, laugh, learn.


Video about the Elohim Embassy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB37tB5vT_4

Article about Rael’s first wife: https://www.culteducation.com/group/1106-raelians/17521-i-was-married-to-clone-cult-leader-rael-15-years-he-wrecked-my-life-and-our-childrens.html

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