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I can see you. I can see you right now. Your webcam isn’t blocked. That means I can hack it and see you, which I did. Remember when you paid the bills? I saw you do it. You looked bored. Remember when you touched yourself and watched dirty movies? I saw that too, and you looked even more bored.

The only way you can stop me and people like me is to become an expert hacker. You can establish an iron-clad system of firewalls to beat back all cyber attacks I send your way. You would also have to take apart your computer, your phone, and your tablet, and manually disconnect the camera, so I don’t watch you when you look at funny cat videos (which is the only time you don’t look bored).

Or, you can buy this sticker. It covers up your camera, so nobody can see you pee pee. It also looks good on laptops cases and other places you need to stick stickers. Don’t let us see you pee pee. Buy a sticker instead.

Seriously, though. This sticker was specially designed to cover the web cam of laptops. Brad, Brent, and Dave all use stickers to cover their cameras because they are paranoid of hackers of bulk data Snowden type action using cameras to see what they’re doing. This is the perfect sticker to cover up your webcam. You know you never use the damned thing, and it’s nothing but a security risk.

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