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This sticker is the original Sofa King sticker, the logo that started them all. It looks amazing on your back window, and not bad on a laptop either.

I first got one of these back when I was a kid, and we were planning to move out of my house because these horrible developers wanted to build a golf course on my side of town. We found out that if we could somehow raise enough money, they’d let use keep our houses. We had all but given up hope when our first Sofa King OG sticker showed up in the mail. My brother peeled the sticker to put it on his skateboard, and we saw a map drawn on the back! You couldn’t imagine our surprise when we found out it was indeed the map to One-Eyed Willy’s hidden fortune. Oh, what a lark! My friends and I gathered together and went on an epic, wild kidventure to find the treasure, but it turns out this horrible family called the Fratellis were there. We found this guy named Sloth who was kind of scary but kind of cool.

I think about that a lot now, years later. Now that I’m an adult, I realize that the Sloth guy was actually just a meth addict who wanted to sell our skateboards for a hit, and the Fratellis weren’t really that bad, it’s just that we kept breaking into their basements to find this “treasure” which was actually a cash stash from their drug sales. Jake and Francis Fratelli got busted years later for conspiracy to sell drugs, and “Mama” Fratelli was indicted in some kind of federal porno ring or something. Weird.

Anyway, this is a great sticker.




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