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You know what, I don’t care what you do with this sticker. I’m getting pretty damned tired of always wondering about what YOU want. I’m tired of trying to figure you out. You want to put in on your car? Why should I care? You want it on your computer to prove you listen to the best podcast in the world? I don’t give a shit! You want to put it up all over your campus or cover your nipples with it while you wear your gimp mask with that truly strange fetish shit you’re into? Go for it! Fine! I don’t care!

Look. This sticker is badass. And you know it’s badass. And you have plans to stick it someplace. That’s all fine. We’ve established the facts there. But where is that someplace? I’m not psychic. I don’t know. And frankly, I’m done trying to figure you out.

Okay, fine. Where? Where are you putting the sticker? No? You’re not going to tell me? That’s cool. Psyche. I didn’t want to know anyway. Put it wherever.

No but, seriously, where were you gonna put it? Was it your car? It was your car, huh? No, it was on a textbook you use. No, no, it WAS your car wasn’t it? It was your car. It was your laptop! I fucking knew it.

Fine, don’t tell me. God you make me so mad!!! (It’s the car?)

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