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She was the last one alive. From her vantage point on the hill, she watched as every one of her brothers and sisters was struck down. One was battered against a tree untill dead. Another was torn open like an envelope, spilling the contents that were once his life onto the muddy soil. Fog came in then, hiding the red sky, dampening all sound. She lay in her nook and could only hear the final few die. The fog was too dense, and her scope rendered useless until it would clear.

Time crept slowly, and it may have been her imagination, but could she taste their blood in the particles of liquid that made up the fog? She waited. She listened and tasted the coppery tinge to the fog. As suddenly as it descended, the fog lifted; the sun revealing itself like an old lover. The battle field was below. All were dead, but a prize presented itself. There, in her cross-hair, a tiny little man with a wicked afro. It was him. It could finally end. She exhaled, felt the time between heart beats, and squeezed. Her rifle pealed into the forest, the shot rang true. Blood misted into the air, and small figure fell, rolled over on top of her dead comrades, and came to a stop.

It was over. The beast who created the MK Ultra experiments, killed JFK and JonBenĂ©t Ramsey, had done god knows what to the missing 400 all across America. He was said to be immortal or to hop through time, this pint sized terror, but now he was dead to a sniper’s bullet. She laughed. She screamed to the world, “I got you, you small son of a bitch!”

Finally, she dialed her scope to the small terror’s face. But it couldn’t be. It was Emannuel Lewis, TV’s Webster. Not Gary Coleman. Not Gary Coleman! She pulled another bullet from her pocket and started the motions of reloading. She heard a whisper from the top of the trees.

“What you talkin’ about…”

It was the last thing she would ever hear. She was too slow. Coleman was upon her.

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