Coffee Mug: SK Original

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This 8 ounce ceramic coffee mug is the legend that started it all. This is the mug that Kim Jung Un drinks from while he laughs at death squads and North Korean Bronies. This was the mug that Ed Gein drank from as he drew the sketches of his nipple belt. It is perfect to keep in your whackin’ shed where you see angels that turn you to a cult leader. If Steve Jobs was alive, he’d drink from this mug, and he’d make Elon Musk and Bill Gates so totally jealous. The CIA drank from this epic mug while they planned the Bay of Pigs Invasion, poisoned Fidel Castro’s milk shake, gave people syphilis, and created MK Ultra. They say the mug makes the man (and the woman), so whether you want to lead a cult, become a dictator, grow to be a serial killer, or get abducted by aliens, you want this OG Mug in your collection.

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