Coffee Mug: Guilty


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The pain in his leg was the only reason he knew he still had a leg. From where he lay on the muddy sod, the sky was the color tarnished bronze. He could still feel the cold of the katana’s handle in his hand. (Or was that the cold of his blood?) He turned his head. His left eye–the one that wasn’t too swollen to open–looked beside him. The shotgun was within reach. Three shells, he thought, were still in there. Between that and the sword, he had a chance. Fog swept in like a wave in a hostile sea. The time was now. He reached as suddenly as his broken body would allow to scoop up the shotgun. A tiny foot in white Keds pressed down on his wrist with the force of a hydraulic press. The small laugh filled the fog, bouncing off of the forest’s canopy like a million sick jokes. Coleman was upon him. Death was immanent. 8 oz. Ceramic.

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