Coffee Mug: Castle Times


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As all historical scholars know, the timeline of humanity is broken up by distinct and important epochs. There were Dinosaur Times, Brothel Times, Not Safe for Black People Times, Safe for Black People Times, and No Longer Safe for Black People times, for example. This mug hearkens back to Castle Times. This era was defined by evil kings, dragons, impaling, sacrificing of virgins, horrible plagues, cunning dwarves, stupid giants, Connecticut yankees, damsels in distress, damsels in this dress, and of course castles. If you need a mug with which to drink your grog, mead, ale, or plague infected well water, get the Castle Times mug today! If you’re not an antisocial loser, buy two for your friend. It is 8 ounces of ceramic guaranteed to make you feel all fucking medieval and shit. It will be the excalibur of your mug collection.

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