Episode 41: Whats That On Your Pizza?

This episode is brought to you by El Yucateco

Oddly enough, this week, our topic is pizza. Recent podcasts about coffee companies and fast food (and Brent getting hit over the head with a deep dish while baking a frozen pizza for his kids) made us select this as a focus for a show. With over $35 billion in annual US sales, it is a topic worth exploring.

We start with a look at the history of what is arguably America’s number one favorite food, and then we share some surprising facts about how large pizza has gotten. Dave of course has to try and ruin things by talking about “Big Pizza” and the underhanded tactics that companies like Pizza Hut use to get children branded to their food with things like the “Book It!” program. This conversation goes to strange places, such as outer space (with a look at how Pizza Hut helped fund the launch of the International Space Station) and very weird, very gross Korean Pizzas (spoiler–they may involve things like cranberries, mocha buns, and seafood islands…).

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