Episode 42: Parenting

This episode is brought to you by El Yucateco

This episode of The Sofa King podcast explores notions of parenting in the modern world. Brad and Brent share tips and experiences of being a parent, and Dave covers many of the facts around modern day parenting. We wondered whether it was safer for children now or in the past, and the statistics we uncovered were a little bit surprising. The conversation runs from how the hosts themselves were raised, how the hosts are raising their own kids, and some do’s and don’ts about child raising.

The conversation also looks at the idea of “Pivot Points” in a child’s life, how the media affects parents, and some studies on how parents and their cellular phone addictions impact children. If you have kids, want kids, or (like Brad) just want to punch kids, this episode is for you. And yes, many children are theoretically punched by Brad in this episode.

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