Episode 230: Parasomnia: The Horrors of the Night!

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On this episode of The Sofa King Podcast, we get ready to have a bad night’s sleep and talk about all sorts of strange sleep related phenomenon called Parasomnia. From Sleep Paralysis to the Night Hag, from Night Terrors to Astral Projection, and from Shadow Men to Lucid Dreaming, this one has it all. This show is a mix of multiple topics that several listeners have asked us to discuss.

One that is probably the most common is Sleep Paralysis. This often terrifying event is when someone wakes up or is partially awake but is unable to move their body. Some call it a lockdown because the mechanism that locks muscles down during dreaming is still active though the mind is conscious (a state called Atonia). This one gets creepy and involves Night Hags, demons, and horrible beings pressing on the victim’s chest.

Two other events that many people report while dreaming are Astral Projection (Out of Body Experiences or OBE) and Lucid Dreaming. Astral Projection is the sensation that a “soul” has left the body and is floating free in the world and can observe things. This type of Parasomnia often happens while someone is asleep, meditating, or clinically dead before being revived. Lucid Dreaming is the experience of people being able to recognize and control their dreams. The two are often associated with each other, and we’ll talk about techniques some claim will help you practice them.

Lastly, we cover night terrors (when people wake up completely terrified for no known reason) and Shadow Men, beings that some people supposedly see. The creepy thing about Shadow People is the common elements that witnesses share through all of the globe. Dave also tells a creepy story about his own encounter with a Shadow Person when he was in high school and creeps Brent out! So, get your Nyquil ready and lock the doors because on this episode we talk about all the things that go bump in the night.

Link on Shadow People and the Hat Man: http://www.nataliakuna.com/shadow-people–dark-beings.html

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