Episode 43: Nome, Alaska

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Listeners requested that we discuss the mysteries surrounding Nome, Alaska, so that’s what we do for this episode of the Sofa King Podcast. This small town of 3,800 people is believed to be a hub of missing people, UFO sightings, and alien abductions. An abduction horror film called The Fourth Kind is set on Nome and plays with the truth of the missing people of the small town. How much of the alleged mysteries of Nome are true and how much are fiction? We dig deep to find some truth.

Yes, there is an abnormal percentage of missing people, so we explore the reasons for the disappearances. We also look at the misinformation about Nome that came from Universal pictures due to a viral public relations campaign (including fake news releases) as well as what the FBI’s official report on the missing people says. The Sofa Kings also discuss a supposed Black Pyramid patrolled by men in black just outside of the city, a missing Inuit village called Angikuni, and the alien abduction phenomenon in general.

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