Episode 37: NASA Conspiracies

This episode is brought to you by El Yucateco

On this episode, we look at some of the big conspiracies that surround NASA. Our look at the theories of the moon landing being a hoax led to use exploring other conspiracy theories surrounding the space agency and outer pace itself. Brent starts us off with an amazingly in-depth look at the Flat Earth conspiracy theory, which may be the wackiest one we’ve ever talked about.

After that, we examine the recent theory that the astronauts on the space shuttle Challenger were never on board and are in fact alive and well. This conspiracy theory sounded like one of the most far-fetched we’ve explored so far, but you may be surprised by how some of us landed on the debate. We round off the show with a quick look at the final theory that the International Space Station doesn’t exist. We have guest host Brian Ross with us on this episode (creator of the card game Forever Football), and he is quite funny. If you want good laughs and a look at some of the more far-out conspiracies about space, earth, and NASA, download this one.

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