Episode 58: Mysterious Disappearances

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This week, the Sofa King Podcast takes a look at some of the most mysterious disappearance cases we could unearth. Oddly, this is a fascination of our frequent guest host and friend to the show Brian Ross who sits in and adds a lot of humor and disturbing facts. We start with a look at the Elisa Lam case. Lam went missing while she stayed at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles in 2013. Why this case stands out involves video footage of her talking to someone who wasn’t there, a body showing up in a hotel water tank, and conspiracies involving invisibility research. No, I’m not making that last part up.

Second, we shift to a couple of famous cases of missing people involving entire aircraft which go missing during UFO encounters. This involves the case of Lt. Felix Moncla and the most famous case of UFO aerial missing persons, that of Fredrick Valentich. Valentich’s case involves a lot of solid evidence, creepy flight records, the sounds of screeching metal, and a mysterious metal plate found in Russia that purports an alien oxygen theft ring. (No, I’m not making that up either…) Finally, we look at the case of Lars Mittank, the German citizen who sprinted out of an airport in fear and went missing after a fist fight on a beach and erratic behavior surrounding a cut on his ear. With the proper background music, this episode could be an X-File. Give it a go!

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