Episode 71: Murder and Conspiracy: JonBenet Ramsey

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This episode focuses on the infamous murder of JonBenet Ramsey and a VERY strange conspiracy theory that has recently surfaced about her death.

We start the talk with a look at under-aged pageants in general and how they run the risk of doing psychological damage to children involved (and how parents get pretty crazy about the whole affair). JonBenet Ramsey was one such child beauty pageant contestant with a very wealthy family. She was found strangled and bludgeoned to death in her basement on December 26th of 1996, and a firestorm of investigations followed suit.

Many people thought her parents, John and Patsy were guilty, but they were seemingly exonerated by DNA evidence in 2008. However, give this episode a listen because as we discuss the details of the case, the parent behaviors, the odd clues, and the bizarre ransom note, the case gets stranger and stranger. Also, you need to hear the conspiracy theory—a theorist named Dave Johnson thinks JonBenet’s death is a fake and that she is a famous celebrity. Do we think the parents did it? Do we think she’s still alive? Does Brad punch a baby? Does Brent drink whiskey? Does Dave call someone a “cat”? Only one way to find out. Special thanks to Mike Money for the topic.

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