Episode 51: MMO and Esports

This episode is brought to you by El Yucateco

This week Dave is off exploring new lands in hopes to find his inner peace and we must keep the show alive by subjecting a friend of ours to the mutiny that is the Sofa King Podcast. First we talk to Jared from Subway about massively multiplayer online games and the addictive nature they have on a person, from WoW to Game of War and the money players spend on “Free to Play” phone apps. We then get into Esports, a new phenomenon that has a generation of kids watching videos of kids playing video games. There is that one team that played that one game and won 6 million dollars in that one tournament though. So…. are you a gamer?, a Dota 2 player? do you sit in front of your Grandma’s computer playing in a fantasy land you can’t break away from? This episode may be the rehab you need.

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