Episode 83: Men In Black

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On this episode, we explore the phenomenon of Men In Black.

First given that name in 1967 by paranormal investigator John Keel (The Mothman Prophecies), these creepy men in dark, vintage suits have been allegedly terrorizing people since the 1940’s when they threatened a man named Harold Dahl. They typically show up when someone has seen or is investigating a UFO (or other paranormal activity). The Men In Black then threaten the person, claiming that harm will befall them or their loved ones if they talk or continue to explore strange events.

More than that, the Men In Black are extremely odd, according to eyewitnesses. They are tall, sweaty, and bald, and they have hollow voices that echo and use strange inhuman movements. They speak with strange diction and often wear makeup and bad wigs under their fedoras. Why do skeptics think the Men In Black are government agents given power by the 1953 Robertson Panel? Are they space aliens or androids or even holograms? Are they pure fiction spread by gullible or lying populace? And how do Edward Snowden’s leaked files shed light on possible governmental involvement with Men In Black, leading back to a tragic case involving a UFO investigator named Paul Bennewitz? Oh, and Dan Aykroyd might just make an appearance as well…

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