Episode 50: Made in America

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This episode of The Sofa King Podcast gets all patriotic and looks at an important label that goes on fewer and fewer products: Made In America. Tariffs used to strictly control trade between nations, but with the passing of NAFTA and the growth of the WTO, things changed. A flood of new trade agreements between America and trade partners caused a surge of corporate outsourcing to developing nations. This is largely blamed for the erosion of the middle class in America.

In exploring this topic, we look sweatshops (and wonder if the workers are better or worse off in a sweatshop), outsourcing statistics, the American economy, and the Made In America Movement. We also look at the horrible practices that made Nike the poster child for overseas labor abuse and how the company changed in recent years to try and make amends. Brent even tells us about Chinese counterfeit eggs and watermelon that are made from neither eggs nor watermelon. So put on your red, white, and blue, and learn about how much Made in America matters.

Special thanks to listener David Olson for the topic idea!

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