Episode 136: JFK Part One: Life

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This episode of The Sofa King Podcast is Part One of our discussion on the life, politics, policies, and death of the amazing John Fitzgerald Kennedy. JFK was one of the most beloved president of the United States, and his administration was often considered to be the “Golden Age” of America that many people called Camelot. Kennedy was the son of a wealthy business man who had alleged ties to the mob and illegal alcohol-running during prohibition. His legitimate businesses, however, set the Kennedy family up for a life of prosperity and prestige.

JFJ, also known as Jack, was a sickly child and had chronic back problems through his life. He also was a screw-up at school, more interested in pranks and flirting than his formal education. All that changed, however, when he was at Harvard, and he wrote a book called Why England Slept which explored why Great Britain was unprepared for the Nazis.

He used his family’s connections to let him join the Navy (something he couldn’t have done because of his back condition), and he became a war hero, saving members of his crew in pretty amazing ways in the battle of the Pacific on his boat PT-109.

After the war, he married Jackie Bouvier and served time in both the House of Representatives and the Senate before finally becoming president in 1960. While president, he did pretty amazing things, helping the poor, creating the Peace Corps, and even writing the Civil Rights Act. However, he also tried to have Fidel Castro overturned by the CIA’s failed Bay of Pigs invasion, heated up the cold war, and dealt with the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Aside from his policies and the crazy era of his presidency, Jack was also known for having affairs with women. From white house employees to Marilyn Monroe and even Judith Campbell Exner (who was the mistress of Sam Giancana, the mob boss for The Chicago Outfit), he slept around. So, if you want to know about JFK, his affairs, his decision, why he was a war hero, and who he upset over the years (and possibly pushed to assassinate him), give this one a listen. Stay tuned for part two, where we talk about his assassination and the theories surrounding it. Thanks to our special guest Doctor Randal Beeman.

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