Episoe 67: Float Therapy with Dirk Bentz Owner of Salt 7even

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On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we discuss float therapy and sensory deprivation tanks.

In 1954, a neuroscientist named John Lilly (also called a psychonaut and the basis for Walter Bishop from the TV show Fringe), created the first ever salt-based float tank. He was trying to experiment with the nature of consciousness, psychotropics (LSD and ketamine), and talk to dolphins. Yes, dolphins. He invented the tank as a form of consciousness therapy called REST (restricted environmental stimulation technique) and found amazing results for people’s mental and physical state.

By submerging in a tank of salty water, heated to body temperature in the dark with perfect silence, the user experiences a lack of sensory data and often has mind-trips. Our special guest for this episode is Dirk Bentz, the owner of Bakersfield’s float center called Salt 7. He built all of the tanks from scratch and engineered one of the largest facilities in California. He let the three of us float the night before the podcast and then came to talk about our experiences and give us some facts about the benefits of floating. What did we experience? Did we turn into giant psychic amoebas as our theta waves kicked up? Did we talk to the Cosmic Muffin? You might be surprised by what we experienced and learned about ourselves through this experience.

Salt 7even Float Center boasts a state-of-the-art facility and equipment:

  • We pride ourselves in offering the purest product and state-of-the-art equipment so you can have the absolute best experience imaginable.
  • We are the only float center that uses Cloud Quiet Technology, an Isotopic Suspension System.
  • Water quality monitoring, led lighting, and climate control is all maintained live from an iPad interface.
  • We our committed to continually looking for new technology and processes to improve your experience.

Location: 1713 20th Street (across from the Fox Theater & walking distance from the Padre and The Mark)

Check out Salt 7even for more information and pricing.


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