Episode 73: Real Life Escape Room Games – Free Yourself!

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This week’s topic is the recent surge of Escape Room facilities in the United States.

Instead of recording in our Fight Club Basement Studios, this episode was recorded live at a remote in support of Team Geek’s Relay For Life. At the event, we went through an Escape Room, and we meet up with the room designer, prop-master, and owner of Real Escape, Eric Main, for a talk about our experience.

An escape room is a form of entertainment that originated in Japan back in 2007. It was based on a game show, and it is the equivalent of a real life video game where you have to solve increasingly difficult puzzles and find hidden clues decorating a themed space in order to solve the mystery and escape the room before your time is up. The rooms are filled with clues, really cool props, and all of it helps set the mood for the world you have just entered. From jewel heists to wizard rooms, haunted houses to creepy castles, escape rooms are varied in theme and just plain cool.

The room we were in was a 1920’s Prohibition themed room, and it was exciting, challenging, creepy, and stressful. And did I mention fun? Listen in and hear the three of us discuss our own experiences in the room and how you can find an escape room near you to try this rapidly growing social, live-action puzzle that is good for everyone from family and kids to drinking buddies and spouses. We talk about creepy music, get soaked in giggly water, and swear a lot about keys, combinations, locks, puzzle boxes, red herrings, vintage props, and each other. Special thanks to Eric Main from Bakersfield’s Real Escape for letting us visit his room for free (and for the promise of tickets that we’ll be giving away to listeners!). Google and visit Real Escape in Bakersfield if you are in Southern California for a unique adventure. Also, a shout out to Team Geek and Paladin’s Game Castle for letting us judge the Cosplay at the event and take part in raising money for a cancer cure.

Reserve your tickets to Real Escape Bakersfield by visting their website http://www.realescapebakersfield.com

Episode Ending Song: GoRemy – Magic: the Rap

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