Episode 06: Zombies & The Montauk Monster

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Zombies and The Montauk Monster. This episode focuses the Montauk Monster and the conspiracies of Plum Island as well as the meteoric rise of Zombies in American culture. First, we discuss the Plum Island Animal Research Center in New York and the conspiracies that surround it. In 2008, the corpse of an unidentified creature was found on Long Island, and it made people question Plum Island. We do the same, exploring their possible Nazi scientist roots, the claims they invented Lyme Disease as a biological weapon, and the crypto-zoological truths of the Montauk Monster. Second, we discuss zombies. We explore why America is so fixated on them, what they say about our hidden desires for an apocalypse, and we play a game of “Zombie or B.S.” Adult themes and language. NSFW.

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