Episode 05: College Prep”pers”

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College and Preppers. In Episode 5, we discuss some facts and debates about college in the U.S., and we explore preppers and give some pointers on how you can become a prepper yourself. First, we explore the state of college in America. Student debt is at alarming high ($1 Trillion), while job prospects are at an all time low. Is college still the ticket to the American Dream, or is there a better way for Millennials to invest in the future? Second, we look at preppers, people who stockpile food, water, and weapons preparing for disaster. In this episode, we discuss what you should know about prepping and how you can safeguard yourself and your loved ones. So, whether you want to learn how to survive college or how to survive the zombie apocalypse, this is the podcast for you! Adult Themes. NSFW.

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