Episode 03: Ridiculous News & DARPA

This episode is brought to you by El Yucateco

Stupid News and DARPA. This week’s episode takes a look at stupid news stories from the web and the government group called DARPA. First, we look at some of the most stupid “news” stories we can find, read 21 reasons the British hate Americans, and play a game of “News or Bull***t.” For the second half, we talk about the government group DARPA and the radical technologies they have funded in the past (the internet, stealth fighters, GPS, the cell phone) as well as the present (a pain vaccine, magnetic blood that won’t hemorrhage, and a way to have humans sleep with half of their brain at a time, like a dolphin). The show culminates in an insightful conversation about the nature of technology whether or not we should impose limits on human creations. Adult content. NSFW.

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