El Yucateco: Habanero Happiness

El Yucateco This episode is brought to you by El Yucateco

On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we talk all things hot sauce with the El Yucateco team in our Fight Club Studio. This was a topic that was suggested by multiple listeners who were interested in our connection with El Yucateco and the history of this unique, family owned and operated company. Many of you posted questions on our Facebook page about the sauce and the company, and we give you all some answers in this one. (And some of the answers may just involve the porn star Ron Jeremy, so it is definitely worth a listen.)

We look at an interesting history, starting with Priamo Gamboa Ojeda who used to haul peppers from the Yucatan Peninsula to Mexico city and finally realized the best way to do it was to make pepper sauce instead of hauling the produce itself. The rest, as they say is history. This brand has become one of the top hot sauces in the world, and they have only marketed for the past two years! That’s pretty crazy, so we talk about the success of the organic marketing and the growth of the brand.

One thing we’ve tried to do since the beginning of our podcast is talk about our process, our successes and our failures, how we have evolved, etc. If you host a podcast and want to know something about online marketing, get your earbones ready since we talk about it on our end as podcasters and hear from the VP of Marketing from El Yucateco herself. We found it interesting to hear their reasons for sponsoring the show compared to ours for courting them as a sponsor. From marketing to successful podcasting and from pepper eating contests to porn starts, this one has it all. Special thanks to Vice President of Marketing Amy Colella and Integrated Marketing Manager Sara Cooke from El Yucateco hot sauce for flying all the way from Arkansas and braving the Bakersfield heat to sit with us in our newly renovated studio.

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