Episode 49: Edward Snowden

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This week, we set our sights on the sometimes patriot, sometimes traitor, Edward Snowden. Snowden–at the time a contractor for the National Security Agency–gave classified documents to several American journalists to reveal ways that the U.S. government was unconstitutionally spying on its own citizens through bulk data collections. All of this was done with no warrant, and much of it was internal to the United States.

Snowden’s actions forced America to have a dialogue about privacy versus security and ask many questions: Were his actions those of an American patriot who loved his country or a traitor who revealed state secrets? How did Patriot Act Section 215 allow this spying to happen? Do the other programs such as MYSTIC, PRISM, EO12333, and Upstream still allow for such domestic data gathering? Did Snowden have anything to do with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange? Listen to this episode and join the debate.

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