Episode 75: Edgar Cayce – The Sleeping Prophet

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This epis Add Formode of the Sofa King Podcast focuses on so-called psychic, prophet, and father of New Ageism, Edgar Cayce.

Known as the “Sleeping Prophet,” Edgar Cayce is considered to be the modern era’s equivalent to Nostradamus. As a child, he claimed to play with “little folk” who could turn invisible in the woods and said he still talked to his grandfather. His dead grandfather. After a strange session in a shed reading his Bible, Cayce claimed to have been visited by a winged woman who later showed him how to enter his sleeping trances and even digest the contents of entire books while sleeping.

The Association for Research and Enlightenment was founded to study his work and holds over 14,000 recorded sessions of his daily readings that he did based on his sleeping trances. From predictions of the great depression to World War Two, his prophecies were often considered accurate. Cayce never cashed in on his fame and lived within normal means for his life until he died in 1945. He gained a massive following, and he discussed theories of Atlantis (and their destruction through greedy over use of something called a Tuaoi Stone) and the Akashic Record that floats over time and space. Critics, of course, say he was a charlatan who did bogus faith healing that harmed more than helped, but true believers say there is something to his varied and often wild body of work. Check it out and see if you are Camp Cayce or Camp Nope.

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