Episode 54: Denver Airport Conspiracy

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This week on the Sofa King Podcast, we researched and discussed the strange conspiracies surrounding the Denver International Airport. Opened in 1995, this airport ran more than twice the original budget and included five buildings which were completely buried underground due to supposed “construction complications.” These buildings start a wild set of conspiracy theories about the airport being a hub and an end-of-the world bunker for members of the New World Order (including the Queen of England, who supposedly bought property near the airport).

On top of the theoretical bunker, the airport is filled with strange symbols, signs of the Freemasons, and a Masonic time capsule set to open in 2094. The truly strange thing about this airport, however, is the art work. From a seven ton statue of Anubis—the Egyptian god of death—to the 30 foot tall emaciated Blue Mustang horse statue with glowing red eyes known as Blucifer, the statues in this place are baffling. (Blucifer is even responsible for its creator Luis Jimenez’s death when it’s head fell and crushed his legs during construction.) However, the most bizarre part is the strange murals painted by artist Leo Tanguma, murals which depict burning cities, dead children, weeping mothers holding deceased babies, and a giant Nazi-esque soldier spearing the dove of peace with a saber. Not stuff you want to see before boarding a plane! So, give this one a listen if you want to hear about strange art, symbols of death, and Masonic conspiracies. Special thanks to listener Paul Byerly for suggesting the topic.

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