Episode 193: David Icke: The Godfather of Reptoid Aliens

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On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we look at the conspiracy theories of the extraterrestrial Reptoid Lizard People and the ideas of theorist David Icke. There are two types of reptilian beings, according to the mythology about them. One is an ancient people that most Native American tribes and many other global cultures express some belief in. They live underground and seldom come up to interfere with lands of men. This is the same Lizard People the LA Times wrote about in the 1930s (see link below).

The other reptoids, however, are much more sinister, and their theory is much more wacky. The pioneer of these thoughts is David Icke, who was a professional footballer until an injury sidelined him and put in the broadcaster booth. From there, he became a politician for the Green Party, but after that, he fell into the “Turquoise Phase” and things got a little weird.

He had to step out of politics once knowledge of this three way love relationship between his wife and a prominent British psychic came about. Then, he started writing books to uncover the horrible truth about the reptoids.

So what are the reptoids exactly? According to Icke, they are an ancient race of beings who come not just from another planet, but from deep in the 4th dimension. They exists on earth but can rarely be seen since they are out of tune like a television on the wrong channel. For the entire span of human history, they have tinkered with our DNA to make us docile and able to reproduce. They themselves take the form of leaders of the earth, most US presidents, the Royal Family, the Rothschilds, you name it.

If someone on this earth is important, they are reptoids hiding themselves. Beyoncé and Jay Z? You bet! You can watch YouTube videos of them and so many presidents transforming by accident. Oh, and did I mention that moon the is really a hologram generator for the reptoids to stay cloaked in the 4th dimension and is run by the Babylonian Brotherhood and The Round Table? Well, that’s the truth according to Icke. Now return to work peasants, our reptoid overlords demand no less!


Link to Strange Lizard People Article:



Video of Newscaster Supposedly Changing to a Lizard Person:

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