Episode 85: Dan Camarillo: The Armhunter

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On this episode, we sit down and talk martial with Judo and Jiu-Jitsu legend Dan Camarillo.

Dan started Judo at age 4, and growing up, his father would pay to bring the best Judo practitioners he could find to come from Japan to live with their family and train Dan and his brother David. He has ranked in the top three of over 17 Jiu-Jitsu and 13 Judo championships nationwide and was ranked number 6 in Judo nationally, almost going to the Olympics. He has trained or trained with some of the best Jiu-Jitsu (such as Ralph Gracie) and mixed martial artists in the business and brings a font of knowledge (and butt whopping!) to the show. Now he is the founder of his own Academy: Camarillo Jiu-Jitsu as well as his own line of martial arts gear called Armhunter Apparel.

We talk about his background, hear funny stories of him fighting off several people trying to rough up a woman at a Denny’s, and we all share martial arts philosophies and memories of our own studies over the years. He tells us about his experience on the Discovery Channel’s Time Warp, and he discusses how he earned his nick name as the Armhunter (we also give him our own nickname that deals with his sweet 90’s mullet, but you have to tune in to hear it…). If you’re a martial arts fan, you won’t want to miss this one. If you’re not a martial arts fan, you still won’t want to miss this one, you just might not know it yet!

Special thanks to Dan Camarillo for giving graciously of his time and joining us. Check him out at www.armhunter.com

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