Episode 82: Cuba: From Che to the CIA!

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This episode explores the revolutions, dictators, cigars, and conspiracies surrounding the island nation of Cuba.

Everyone knows about Che Guevara, but mostly from tee shirts and the iconic image of him. He is a symbol of the spirit of revolution and has been for fifty years. But what was he really like? How did he help the Cuban revolution, and what was he overthrowing?

The answer is, a dictator named General Batista who sold Cuba out to American interests and wealthy sugar cane farmers and was known for his ties to the US Mafia and deep corruption. So when young Che met Fidel Castro in Mexico City, their plan to depose this man was wild and seemed to stand little chance to succeed. But it did, and the result was a new dictatorship under Fidel, one that has lasted until very recently. What is life like in Modern Cuba? What evils did Fidel and Che perpetrate? What about the CIA-planned invasion of the country called the Bay of Pigs? Listen as we talk everything from the Cuban Missile Crisis to assassination conspiracies and ham sandwiches. Special thanks to our guests Dr. René Trujillo and too much whiskey.

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