Dave Moton

The podcast researcher and information-hound. He is a professor of English and a published author of both national textbooks and science fiction. He has traveled from LA to Los Alamos, and from Reykjavík, Iceland to the Library of Congress to formally study how science and art collide. He has professionally researched Artificial Intelligence, theoretical quantum physics in relation to literature, urban development, the technological Singularity, and any number of potential global apocalypses. Dave is an avid and passionate writer and learner and loves to share information he has gathered with the world at large, be it to a student or a Sofa King listener. He is a vegan, and no, he doesn’t even eat honey. He is a martial artist, a home gardener, a minor-league prepper, and vegetable canner, all of which is his feeble attempt to build a skill set that will allow him to survive the robot apocalypse that he believes will happen soon (and that his co-host Brent is likely to help start). He is married and sometimes the alpha in a pack of four small dogs. His novel called Chama, NM is available for sale at Amazon.com.

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