Brent Van Tassel

The podcast technology guru and conspiracy theory expert. He is, in fact, addicted to technology, something that has pumped through his veins since he was a young boy programming vintage robots to roll in and wake his parents up at 6:00 AM. His love of tech lead to the co-founding of a successful computer repair business called SWAT PC at the age of 28. His mind for technology is as a indefatigable as his mind for business. He recently launched a second business called Bliss which remotely updates and repairs client computers, and he was the king of the underground taco scene with his famous public taco events known as iamtacos. Brent is a true urban scientist, wiring 100 year old radios to wireless Bluetooth devices, programming robotic trashcans that can talk, broadcasting 80’s movies on the sides of downtown buildings, collecting an army of vintage robots, restoring and repairing antique amps and radios, and building his own new robotic creations from time to time. He loves a good conspiracy as much as a good guitar and has a very respectable Viking beard. He is a husband, a man, and a father of two.

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