Episode 29: Identity Theft Part Two

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Today’s talk is a follow up on last week’s conversation about identity theft and credit card fraud. Last week, we talked about some of the major scams you should worry about. This week, we added medical identity theft and phishing scams to the list. More importantly, we add “Brad’s Tips,” a segment where we give out some iron-clad solutions that will help protect you, your identify, your credit cards, and all things money from being scammed. We end the episode with a different subject, but a funny one: rapper Ice-T’s look at the GOP presidential debate. It’s a hoot.

Some of our specific topics are solutions to credit card theft and identity theft, medical identity theft, phishing scams, how to protect your identity, and fixes to the problem. If last week’s episode made you more paranoid, we hope this week’s make you more vigilant and therefore safe!

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