Episode 44: Chemtrails

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We tackle another conspiracy theory on this episode and try to expose the truth behind Chem Trails. We all see jets flying in the sky and leaving a trail behind them. Scientists claim this is a con-trail of condensation, but some argue it is a chem-trail of chemicals being dumped into our atmosphere by the government (or the illuminati). As an added bonus, we have an active Air Force mechanic and radio man named Jason Roskam on the show to try and debunk this theory and talk all things airplane.

Conspiracy theorists claim that these jets are filled with various chemicals that are being used for a host of pretty wild reasons: to combat global warming, to cause global warming, to block solar radiation, to control the human population, and even mind control, or amplification of the HAARP array. From photos of mysterious barrels in passenger jets to HR 2977 (The Space Preservation Act of 2001), we explore the trails in the sky, be they chem or con.

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