Episode 60: Cancer Cures

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This week on The Sofa King Podcast, we discuss cancer and some of the alternative, innovative, and fraudulent claims on how to cure it. Many listeners have suggested we look at various cancer curing techniques, so we start with a look at what Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski does out of his Houston, Texas clinic. Burzynski has had legal wrangling between various medical establishments and claims to have a cancer cure that involves peptide infusion. Is Burzynski a charlatan, or does he have a genuine way to cure cancer? We give that very question a look.

We also explore the more notorious Hoxsey Cancer Clinic that once boasted 16 clinics through the nation (and supposedly cured people using “Hoxsey’s Brown Liquid”) until the FDA review shut down all the clinics and barred them from America. They moved to Tijuana and continued to work on cancer, most recently involving an under-aged would-be patient named Starchild Abraham Cherrix in 2006. Finally, we look at the vintage case of Royal Raymond Rife and his so-called cancer curing Rife Ray that he invented in 1936 and is still sold at an annual conference today. From hoaxes to nanotech and a medicine called DCA, we look at a lot of alternative ways to cure cancer and take a poke at the conspiracy theory that the AMA and American Cancer Society are supposedly blocking cancer cures on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. You don’t want to miss it!

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