Episode 80: Bill Gates–The Billionaire Hustle

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On this episode, we focus on the life and career of Bill Gates. Born October 28, 1955, this socially awkward kid had a nose for business and contracts from early on, even making his family sign contracts with him for access to things like baseball mitts.

But aside from business smarts, the man was also a genuine computer genius. He created his first software at only thirteen years old with his partner Paul Allen, and he sold his first program for $20,000 at the age of 15. From there, he fought with Apple, sued Altair, won over IBM, and created both BASIC and MS-DOS, two foundations of modern computation.

A notorious hustler, Gates built Microsoft from the ground up by a ruthless and brilliant series of leases on software he either created, bought, or had made by his company. He became a billionaire at 32 and quickly became the richest man on earth. He still is (though it changes), and while now divorced from Microsoft, he is the co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest philanthropic organization on earth. Now, he wants to cure malaria and AIDS, end global warming, and create education and electricity for the third world and even poor American cities. Listen to hear about the epic hustles and “fake it till you make it tactics” that made him so rich so early and hear what dirt we dug up on him and on Microsoft. Not to be a click bait jerk, but you’ll be surprised at what we dug up on him.

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